Please submit on this page a synopses of your effect essay topics research on the cultural hegemonic barriers to equity in education and elsewhere. You will also find some of the research undertaken by the authors of the Hegemony Project on this site. We look forward to reading your research. We plan to sysnthesize and build a map out of the many differenct insights submitted on this page to better understand the barriers to equality and inclusion for underserved students nationally and worldwide.

The Hegemony Project is a group of educators, students, and community researchers, working together to explore ways to transform education into critical and social action. Our website allows us to extend our community nationally and globally. We are reaching out to educators, students, parents, and community members all over the world who can share their research, experience, and efforts to create a critical, culturally responsive, multicultural environment in their respective schools, campuses, and communities. The website is open to educators of all grade levels, and researchers, parents, and community movie review writing services in uk members who are interested and working towards empowering our students and schools.

Research Submission